Some time has now passed since my last footsteps in Africa yet the one man travel plan lives on as I try to write up my experiences and hone my travel writing talents with the aim of publishing and funding more odessies of curiosity.

As well as the writing side I am organsing exhibitions of photgraphs and paintings from my trip, partly for their asthetic beauty and partly so I can share and hopefully inform people about some lesser known parts of the world.

And then there is always the next trip... the journey never ends.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sickness in the capital

Busker with twirling hat piece within the ancient walls of Rabat’s Kasbah

This door also in the Kasbah has many tools adorning it reflecting the ever present making of crafts

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I got some virus while in Rabat and was out of action for a few days. I think I’ve been going at it a bit too hard and have mentally and physically worn myself out. After recovering from my illness, a horrible flue like thing followed by stomach problems, I felt quite low and sick of trying to film and write and the like. It’s taken a few days of taking it slow to pick myself up and find the mental energy to carry on.

Rabat is a nice place a bit quieter after the madness that is Fez. It’s orderly and clean although has some very dirty bars which I managed to get on film and will put up as soon as I’ve got the software to do it. Which has been another problem, but hopefully I’m going to get my mum to post the original CD to me.

On the plus side I got my Mauritanian visa without fuss. I bet most people don’t even know where the country is, it being such an obscure place. It’s the next country down from Morocco and fills me with excitement and foreboding. To get across the country will mean crossing some very remote and vast expanses of desert the Sahara no less, and then on to mysterious Mali and the fabled city of Timbuktu. I can’t wait.
Beautifull coulerfull crafts in the artisan quarter Rabat
In the next exciting enstalment of one man travel plan: The Exciting Vibrant city of Marakesh

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