Some time has now passed since my last footsteps in Africa yet the one man travel plan lives on as I try to write up my experiences and hone my travel writing talents with the aim of publishing and funding more odessies of curiosity.

As well as the writing side I am organsing exhibitions of photgraphs and paintings from my trip, partly for their asthetic beauty and partly so I can share and hopefully inform people about some lesser known parts of the world.

And then there is always the next trip... the journey never ends.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Imperial city and the Trogladites

Life on the streets of Fez

Beautiful tile work, Fez

An interesting study of pain and humiliation

The Troglodites (cave dwellers) busy sewing and watching telly

My cave dwelling host and nice guy Hassan
Hassan Is a guy I met on couch surfing a free hospitality site that alouws poeple to meet up, or stay as a guest in theire home. Alternativley you can host poeple and show them your home town. Hassan hosted me and shared a little of his life.

He lives in a village called Bihilal which is 30 odd kilometers south of Fez. Hassan his brother, two sisters and mother share a four room house. One room I think is the mothers which I never saw. Then there’s the kitchen the living room which doubled as a bedroom for me Hassan and his siblings and is in the picture above. There was another bare room off of the main living space which puzzling to me was unused everyone bunking up in the same room.
The house itself was built several hundred years ago I will check when, when the moors were driven out of Andalusia Spain. It is carved out of the rock and extended to include a two tier outside roof terrace.
If you’re reading this Hassan thanks again for your kindness and patience in helping me with computer related problems.I will write more about this when I get a chance. Promise.

Coulered plates and hustle and bustle, Fez

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