Some time has now passed since my last footsteps in Africa yet the one man travel plan lives on as I try to write up my experiences and hone my travel writing talents with the aim of publishing and funding more odessies of curiosity.

As well as the writing side I am organsing exhibitions of photgraphs and paintings from my trip, partly for their asthetic beauty and partly so I can share and hopefully inform people about some lesser known parts of the world.

And then there is always the next trip... the journey never ends.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Learning Curve

These are my early attempts at filming. I need all the practice I can get for my impending trip to deepest darkest West Africa. Which incedently I intend to film.

The exciting momentous moment I first use my new toy! The star of the show is my granny.

This is an early attempt at filming in Newcastle, complete with blurry, wobbly and fairly unwatchable footage.

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