Some time has now passed since my last footsteps in Africa yet the one man travel plan lives on as I try to write up my experiences and hone my travel writing talents with the aim of publishing and funding more odessies of curiosity.

As well as the writing side I am organsing exhibitions of photgraphs and paintings from my trip, partly for their asthetic beauty and partly so I can share and hopefully inform people about some lesser known parts of the world.

And then there is always the next trip... the journey never ends.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Previuos Travels

My first taste of adventure came when I was 16 and bought a European inter rail pass. I went on a mad month long romp round Europe with my mate Tom. It was the most fun I had ever had and set the seen for many travels to come.

Since my first youthful foray I have traveled every summer through most of Europe and to Morocco and India.

At the age of twenty I wanted a big adventure and to do it alone so I took an English teaching course with the aim of traveling overland on the trans Siberian to Japan to teach.

I never made it to Japan but I did reach China and teach English for six weeks in a small Chinese town. The most memorable part of my time there was going to small rural schools to teach classrooms of up to 60 children! Who were always very polite, singing songs to me when I arrived and making me feel welcome. I feel very lucky to have had such an amazing experience.

After leaving China I traveled on to South East Asia as far as Sumatra. After seven months thousands of miles and two continents I Finally became home sick ( and skint ) and flew back.

A herd of hairy Bactrian camels by a frozen stream in the deepest of wildernesses in Mongolia.

Around 12 or more school kids hang on precariously to a small but sturdy motor rickshaw in a chaotic Indian street.

A cow on the tracks! surely that's not safe.

Beautiful scenery around Youngshow the town in China that I taught in.

This is me at the golden temple of Amritsar the spiritual center of the Sikh religion. A beautiful
place where they feed thousands of hungry people for free every day!

This is a picture of me riding a yak. Yes a yak! Its freezing which is why I am hiding inside my coat. The lady on the left has no gloves and her jacket is undone. Mongolians are seriously hardy people.

Very excitable kids in China.

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