Some time has now passed since my last footsteps in Africa yet the one man travel plan lives on as I try to write up my experiences and hone my travel writing talents with the aim of publishing and funding more odessies of curiosity.

As well as the writing side I am organsing exhibitions of photgraphs and paintings from my trip, partly for their asthetic beauty and partly so I can share and hopefully inform people about some lesser known parts of the world.

And then there is always the next trip... the journey never ends.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Europe to Africa

On the road somewhere in Spain

Oranges and dragons - the Casa de los Dragones, Cueta

I need to find out more about religious clothing in Spanish culture as I find this kinda scary

The cathedral Ceuta
Well Ive made it to Africa!

From Nantes I got a train to what I thought was a town on route to the Alantic coast and northern Spain. From here I planned to hitch hike to Africa. Well the town in question, Lamote, has several brothers and sisters around the place. Despite showing the girl at the ticket office a map Id drawn with my route and making it clear where I wanted to go she picked, at random, one of the Lomotes from the computer screen. The wrong one.

Opus Dais church in the Spanish Pyrenees. I don’t know much about Opus Dais bit I will find out more
Lucky for me I went to a Lamote on the way to the Pyrenees where I got a lift from Rico who was picking his son up from his mother who lives on an island of the coast north of Bordeaux. He was driving with his son to his home in the Pyrenees near the Spanish border. Perfect! But it got so much better.

My mate the Rasta beanie chilling out at Rico’s in the Pyrenees
He quickly offered me to stay at his place with his playful son of three, his girlfriend, a big gentle dog and a little kitten. They were really nice and told me about their lives working on the ski slopes in winter.
I was sad to leave but I’d still a long way to go to get to Africa. Fortunately I quickly got a lift over the high snowy pass into Spain and then had another quick wait before getting the best hitch of my life so far.
I got picked up by a French guy who was on a month long holiday from his job as a fireman in Brittany. And he was travelling to Morocco!! Yes all the way across Spain. After ten minutes waiting I’d got me a lift to Africa! Amazing I felt on top of the world. Surely it can’t stay this good for much longer?
A beautiful man-made lake in the Spanish Pyrenees

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carriesasha said...

hey bro glad you're doing well, can't wait to see some video's hope you can get em on here soon! sounds like you're having an adventure as always, keep up the posts,
carrie x

dad says hi from him and everyone, looking forward to goa and hope you can make it, although i know it's unlikely, take care
dad x